Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back in MKE and ready to go!

Sarah and I have returned from our road trip and believe it or not, it is almost time to return to Germany. We had a fantastic 10-day trip out East, which started at the end of September. We headed out at "8am", which was of course not really 8 am, but rather 9:30 or so. We sailed through Chicago and headed through the boredom that is Indiana. Then we veered South to our first stop, Kenyon College and the home of my dear friend, Abe Shriner. Abe was a great host, taking us to his friend Fritz's birthday party and giving us a warm, dry place to sleep on a cold and rainy fall night.

Here we are at Fritz's birthday party, drinking really large beers, although you can't really tell how large they were. We gave Fritz some fake hillbilly teeth for his birthday. We didn't get the impression that he was very excited about them, but others at the party seemed to enjoy them, so that was gratifying.

We departed early the next morning and had a day full of rain, rain, and more rain. In the evening the rain got so bad that we had to stop at a gas station. Lucky for us the gas station served salad, which provided an already needed break for our digestive systems, already growing weary of fast food and tons of car candy and chips. We then had a nap in our sweet bed on wheels (aka the futon in the back of our mini van) and kept on driving until about 20 miles outside of Boston, where we slept in the parking lot of a travel plaza (you know, where they have fast food, a crappy gift shop, and a gas station, all in one convenient location--at the side of the highway where there is nothing else in sight).

Now, I'm not sure how all of your are envisioning the back of our mini van, but I imagine it is with a bit of scepticism. Think again. The back of our mini van was pure comfort. A double futon, a fleece blanket, a king sized down comforter, a bunch a pillows--heaven. We also had our suitcases back there and a fully stocked cooler.

Here we see Sarah, waking up one morning after a particularly refreshing sleep in the car. It is a bit foggy because, actually, it was a bit cold in the car and the lense didn't like it.

Ok, wll, I've got some things to do now, like getting ready to return to Germany, so I"ll have to write about the rest of our trip later. In the meantime, if you'd like to have a look at the complete album, here there are at this new photo site that I am trying out. Let me know how it works. At this exact moment, not all of the photos are on there yet, but probably by the time you try to click on it, they will be. Enjoy!
Road Trip Out East

PS just a note on my last post and the comments that ensued: we were doing grammar in the attic, rather than German. And yes, grammar has to stay in tha attic.


skhl! said...

when are you heading back to germany?

Anonymous said...

And when are you coming to dance to David Hasselhoff's Baywatch theme song at British clubs with me? Wait, I shouldn't have said that, I actually want you to come...