Sunday, October 15, 2006

Back home?

It seems that over the past year, I've become rather confused about the word 'home'. Confused about where that place is for me. I've caught myself referring to both Milwaukee and Tübingen as 'home' on a regular basis. I guess I'll just make it easy for myself and say that I person can have more than one home. Granted that means that I just left home and got home all at once (well, there were about 10 hours of travel time in between).

So here I am, in Tübingen. It's strange to be back--it seems that I was gone for so very long and things feel a bit different than when I left. For one, getting used to life sans partner is more difficult than I had expected. Have no fear, my dear readers, I'm sure things will improve in the coming days and that I will be back in my third home, the land of optimism, very shortly.