Saturday, October 21, 2006

Konsider the Kohl

On our roadtrip, Sarah and I were confronted with controversial question: Is cabbage a decorative plant? The city of Boston has taken to using a variety of cabbage in many of its planters. While I thought the cabbage was rather novel, Sarah was not so sure. I'm guessing that because the German diet is so cabbage-heavy, that seeing it used in a planter seemed absurd.


Anonymous said...

I'm into the cabbage planting for a few reasons.

1. It's surprising pretty. Especially the purple stuff.

2. It can withstand cold climates and last almost into winter because it is so hearty.

3. I cannot kill it because no matter how much you starve it from watering it still lives.

It's like canned peas. Hearty, good, cheap, dependable and always the same.

skhl said...

hey can you email me more photos from your marie antoinette days? I like looking at them. like a lot. and also do you have any alisha/jack-wedding photos? ah! I miss you!

also to be corteous and weigh in on the issue at hand, I think I might like to look at cabbage more than eating it. I don't like canned peas. But my sister eats them all the time. She also likes to eat cabbage.

Joyce Chapman, Consultant for Communications & Data Analysis said...

theyre probably doing it because the FBI told them to prepare for terror attacks at any moment. emergancy food source? you should have checked to see if a roll of duct tape was buried underneath each plant.