Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Back in M'waukee

Yes folks, I'm back in Milwaukee, I'm back on my blog, and, if my calculations are correct, I'm better than ever. (I'm not really at liberty to discuss what kind of highly sophisticated calculations yield the level of my betterness).

I've been back in my hometown for two weeks now. I spent the first week going bonkers for the wedding and loving the vast majority of the preparations and all of the wedding itself. The second week of my stay was spent concentrating on my physical and emotional relaxation, which actually means I sat around with Jack, Alisha and Abe (Jack's bro).

And now? Well, now I am struggling with a term paper for my class in global governance which will be addressing the question to what extent can global public policy networks really be considered to fulfill the functions of governance. Don't worry about understanding those words, they are awefully boring. In the meantime, I'm reading "A History of the Arab Peoples", which is, as it claims to be, a history of the folk of Arabia. Very good thus far. Did you know that Mohhamed and his posse prayed towards Jerusalem in the early days?

Oh yeah, one other thing, I finally made my MySpace page a bit snazzier. I still don't know if I really get MySpace, but I at least understand how to change my layout now. It only took me about a year.