Monday, September 25, 2006

"I'm smelling my notebook" "I'm smelling this empty cup of coffee"

Sarah and Claire here, bringing you the latest news from the attic. We are learning grammar and it smells like poop--not the grammar, but the attic. As the title says, Sarah is sniffing her notebook and I am smelling and empty cup of coffee. It's not a good situation. Does anyone want to talk to us about the differences between past perfect and past perfect progressive and present progressive and present perfect progressive and present perfect and simple past and . . . uhhh . . . did we forget any? Our heads are spinning and neither of us can remember ever wanting to express things so specifically in time as these tenses allow, but maybe we will when we are back in smart land, I mean the university. Maybe sniffing notebook and coffee will help us.


Joyce said...

you should just switch to a language where they dont have any of that business. makes everything easier. sorry it smells like poop. i suggest breathing through a snippet of mint, like in the sweat-hut. if you ever did that in the sweat-hut.

Anonymous said...

Does German necessarily need to be relegated to the attic? I know it sounds funny, but come on.