Thursday, September 07, 2006

Recap of the summer

Here it is, my friends, a photographic summary of the summer. It was nice to go through these photos again to remember what an eventful and wonderful summer it was. Photos of Jack and Alisha's wedding and move are still to come.


Rhiannon said...

i love all your picutures!!! what a great, great summer it was, for everyone!
thank you so, so much again for helping me make my summer super wonderful and fantastic! you definitely win the 'best hostess in europe' award!
much, much love!

Tellurium said...

I love your photos! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I`m trying my best to discover Oslo (or whatever), and it`s getting better every day! It`s not so far away from Tübingen you know!!

skhl! said...

I really want to see photos from Alisha and Jack's wedding extravaganza. But I want to see you (in the flesh) even more! love you!