Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So many Sara(h)s that rock my world

Yes, it's true, there are so many Sara(h)s that rock my world.

Sara Selena, my long lost childhood friend, who I reconnected with this past weekend and who I am very please to add to my list of phenomenal women friends.

Dr. Sarah, showing the UW Madison Med School how it's done and how to have great hair while doing it.

German Sarah, who is currently learning to speak like an American right here in Milwaukee and who has been cracking me up with references to suicide plants and all sorts of psychology jargon.

How many of you know three breathtakingly beautiful, highly intellectual and funny women with the same name? Yup, I knew it, none. Yet another reason why my life is great.


skhl said...

Claire YOU rock my world! love yoU!

Anonymous said...

Not so fast!
Your MOTHER knows (and loves) all three!