Friday, April 21, 2006

short socks

It's official: spring is here. And how, my dear friends, do I know this? It's a valid question, I understand; not everyone is gifted with such accute perceptive abilities. Because I'm wearing short socks. Yes, yesterday, as I walked to the garden center to buy some greenery, I noticed the unpleasant sensation of hot ankles So, today I welcomed spring with the short socks.


Tellurium said...
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Tellurium said...

That`s a problem I`ve NEVER come across! Can your ankles really get too hot? Mine certainly can`t, but it IS spring, and I`m loving it:)

skhl! said...

I have found that every part of my body sweats save for elbows and ankles but that does not mean they don't get hot. I miss you! Happy Spring!

A side note: Julia and I leave for Egypt on Tuesday - isn't that wild?! I am starting to believe it now that I have to do 5 loads of laundry all of a sudden and pack.