Sunday, April 30, 2006

just bobbing along

Hello everyone out there!

I just working away towards the term paper deadline that I have tomorrow and the homecoming of the roommate (that means a bit of cleaning: mop, scrub the sinks and the tub -- the usual). It's all a bit of a struggle, but nothing too bad.

The day started with a jog and got doing with a lovely brunch with some friends at the Schloss Cafe, a cafe nestled right under the castle here in Tübingen. Tomorrow my friend Kristen and I are dedicating some time to reworking our resumes and applying for internships and scholarships and all that jazz. Then we may take part in the anual "May Day Hike". Yup, tomorrow is a holiday in Germany, we've got off school, and it's the perfect occaision for some hiking.

Just as a note, in the early days of my blog you could only post if you had a blog because I had the settings messed up, but now anyone and everyone can post comments (this means you, Grandma!). If you have problems with it, let me know.


Tellurium said...

You spent the 1st of May hiking? That`s the day for wearing red clothes, and demonstrating a bit you know! That`s why we all get the day off, you know (in my opinion)! Feeling a bit like a communist here...:)

skhl! said...

miss you! Julia and I are having quite an amazing time in Egypt. Today I rode a camel but by choice, I did not get snatched up like your friend... love you, Sarah

julia said...

hey hey hey claire!!!
Iam so glad to have found you!!!!
but you MUST email me the old bag can't figure out how to BLOOOGGG. Spring here, I miss sarah already

Maria said...

Wait, that friend was me! But it was a donkey. Beware the camel/donkey men! And the camels ... their spit has a surprising projectile.