Sunday, April 09, 2006

A new class with new challenges.

Last monday I started a new class and it was horrible. The teacher was boring, the class was overfilled, and the pace was painfully slow. Two days into it our teacher asked for volunteers to go to a different class so that her class wouldn't be quite so full. She said the other class would be a bit faster and I jumped at the chance. My new class has 11 people in it instead of 23 and the teacher is energetic and creative. The level is also considerably more challenging and it's great! I just wish I could stay longer!

What else have I been doing? Well, eating boatloads of French food of course. Last night Natalie, my lovely hostess; Leanne, Colin's lovely girlfriend; and I went out for girls' night. That meant dinner at a delicious and affordable restaraunt, followed by drinks at a very nice Irish pub. This morning we woke up and continued the non-stop eating with a huge brunch. Since I have arrived, we've established the tradition of enormous Sunday brunches. Typical menu: fruit salad with either fromage frais or creme fraiche, french toast, scrambled eggs with lots of butter and chives, cheese plate, potatoes with thyme and rosmary, and mimosas. Today our guests of honor were Zosia's parents, Sierd and Elsbie, who are here for a short visit before they jaunt off to Tunisia. Not bad, not bad at all.

In my free time I have been studying quite a bit, taking naps to help my very strained brain keep going, and walking around and browsing in shops. I haven't found the French soap opera that I was planning on, but it's fine, I'm getting enough French exposure anyways. Yesterday I started reading an easy version of Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth. It's very beginning language learners and has a vocabulary of only 400 to 700 words. It's a good start.

I have also put more Paris pictures on my Snapfish gallery. It is annoying because you have to log in, but it doesn't cost anything and then you can all look at my pictures forever! Here's the link.


skhl! said...

you better be doing some hardcore fromage research for our book...
love you!

Anonymous said...

We have really enjoyed learning about your life in Paris! Thanks for including us. An thanks to Natalie for paving the way.

Have a great visit with Fabi. Looking forward to August.