Thursday, April 20, 2006

Reflections on success

Back in beautiful Tübingen and so very happy to be here! After just over a month in the big city, I'm so pleased to be back in my little, green city. Don't get me wrong, Paris was lovely, but Tübingen is so alive in its own way. The thing that impressed me the most when I got back here yesterday is that it smells green. Paris definately does not smell green. I don't think any big cities smell green.

At any rate, I think my time in Paris was a success. I left babbling quite a bit of French. I'm of course quite a ways from being really competent, but I feel like I made excellend progress in one month. My second great success is that I managed to not step in dog poo in Paris. This is no easy task, as everyone in Paris has a dog and no one cleans up after them.

Well, as much as I'd like to spend more time writing about the end of my stay in Paris and about plans for the future, I've got to finish papers before the new semester starts, otherwise I imagine I won't have much of an academic future at all. My goal is to get some serious work done over the next few days and then do some serious corresponding to everyone in the days after that.