Friday, January 18, 2008

Top Christmas Card of '07

I got this card from my dearest friend Zosia this Christmas season and I'm still laughing about it. What could be funnier than this alien and/or robot celebrating Christmas in space with mistletoe in hand?

Thank you Zosia for brightening every day since I received this card with your utter comedic genius (I really do look at it every day and laugh).


Zosia said...

Claire I am SO happy you loved the card! And I feel honoured, nay, thrilled to be featured on your blog! I feel a bit like I just got an A. From my favourite teacher ever. xo

Stimey said...

I hung all our Christmas cards up on our cabinets this year. And while it was not my personal favorite, the one we were sent of Santa farting was definitely the favorite of the little dudes in my house.