Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mostly it's about wigs

What's my blog called? That's right: Claire in Tuba-Town. And what's it about? Right again: it's mostly about wigs.

Well, it turns out that my life is actually about wigs. Not once, but twice recently, I have been accused of wearing a wig.

Wig accusation #1: Walking down my street a few weeks ago to the Christmas market, a man I was about to walk past looked up at me and shouted, "It's a wig! Of course, I knew it right away!" (rough translation). In this situation, I was so taken aback that all I could really muster out of me was, "Uh, actually, no." I'm sure he was convinced by that one.

Wig accusation #2: Sitting in a bar in Barcelona and chatting with friends and one non-friend, a heavy, sweaty and unattractive older British man, who thought he was all that but, as previously mentioned was a heavy, sweaty and unattractive. "When you walked in here, I was sure it was a wig. I would have bet on it."

So readers, what do you think, how should I take this? As a compliment -- my hair just looks so perfectly styled that I could have bought it that way? As an insult -- you look like a bald person and you're hair is so freaking poofy that it couldn't possibly be your own? Seriously, I need your help to interpret these incidents.


Zosia said...

Well, dearest, as the first incident involved an individual who was crazed enough to shout at a stranger about hair in the street, and the second was uncouth and British, I wouldn't take it to heart! Your hair is at the top of my personal "What's hot" list.

Joyce said...

they probably just think it's a wig because it's very white, so they know something about it is fake. i'm confused beyond that point though... maybe it's the perfectly styled bit. IS your hair always perfectly styled? i wouldn't worry about it generally speaking. what i would do though is sit around thinking about a really good come back to the next person who says that to you. you know like, "YER MOOOOOOM'S A WIG!" or one of your own might be better.

sarah said...

sag "ja sie haben recht! ich verkaufe perücke, gerne würde ich auch ihre scheißfrisur so schön herrichten wie mein haar!" oder bleib freundlich und verkaufe wirklich perücken, vielleicht kann man damit ja geld machen. wenn keine der beiden, unfassbar praktikablen und sinnvollen alternativen dich überzeugt bleib einfach nur tapfer und schön!