Friday, January 05, 2007

Burg Hohen-what?

Burg Hohenzollern of course!

Maria's visit has motivated me, as well as my pal Stefan, to do touristy things in the area that we had never done before. This includes (maybe exclusively . . . we're kind of slow) visiting the Burg Hohenzollern, a fairy tale castle in the Schwabian Alb.

You may wonder what one does at a castle and you are right to do so. A lot more goes on there than you probably know about.

Drinking a beer at the castle's small pub is a suitable pastime for a cold, or warm for that matter, afternoon. Our tour didn't start for nearly three quarters of an hour, so really, what choice did we have?

Another favorite hobby is gazing at the shapely bums of the guardsmen, which have been so thoughtfully immortalized in stone.

While learning about the long history of the several castles that stood on this same spot, Maria took some time out to do this brilliant impersonation of this tidy little jacket.

A romantic pose with a romantic view. Actually, Maria wasn't so hot on taking these cuddly pictures with me, but I had really hoped to visit this castle on a bit of a date awhile back and I wasn't about to let lack of male accompaniment ruin my romantic visit to the Burg Hohenzollern!

I think this one speaks for itself.

I can say without reservation that our visit to the Burg Hohenzollern was a smashing success! We all had a lovely day and were mighty glad that we had braved the cold and climbed up that big-ass hill. I was so happy that half of my head disappeared into the sunlight.