Monday, January 29, 2007

Finally a good wine came and found me!

After almost a year of living in my current apartment and thus shopping at my current grocery store (because it's by my house, duh), I have finally located a cheap and tasty wine there. You may not know this, but Germany is a country which is filled with good, cheap wine. Maybe not as good and as cheap as . . . well . . . actually it's pretty comparable to the other European countries I've been too and far far superior to the United States. For those of you who are not from the United States, you may be shocked to learn that we pay a minimum of $7 for a bottle of wine. It is usually bad wine. In Germany, I generally refuse to pay more than 3.99 Euros for a bottle of wine, unless perhaps a really hot guy is coming over . . . then I might pay upwards of 4.99 Euros. So anyways, the point I'm trying to make is that although this country generally has an abundance of cheap, good wine, the wine buyer at my grocery store has generally proven himself to be a complete loser in the white wine department. Until today when an innocent, and very cheap bottle of Graubegunder from the Pfalz (Dad, you may sadly remember that there is almost no wine from the Pfalz in Baden-W├╝rttemberg) found me and delighted my palette with a crisp, dry flavor. It's a delightful light, white wine that will surely become a part of daily life here on the Steinlach. Thank goodness for the Pfalz!


Maria said...

That sounds like as good reason as any to visit T├╝bingen again.

Zosia said...

Arrgh how this makes me pine for wine Eurocheapness! I miss it so much... :( I remember in Natty's ginormous apartment we had our own favourite cheap white wine....I believe it was 2.69 euros a bottle! Those were the days.

Joyce said...

disgusting cheap wine is about 4$ a small bottle at the convenience store here. but i cant offer any more intercultural info than that, cuz im not a wine drinker. i am always surprised how people dont know that germany produces good wine! they just think of beer.

Doug said...

Indeed I do remember that dearth of Pflazian wine in Tubingen. So near, yet so far away.

This probably won't help readers in Europa but here are my recommendations for some tasty cheap wines that are available in America. First, and foremost, the Spanish Los Rocas, a Granacha from San Alejandro in Cataluna. Often available for $8US, it drinks like a $30 beauty, full bodied, full of fruit, and just plain yummy.

Cheaper yet, at about $6US is the Grenache Noir from Domaine Gournier in Provance between Avignon and Nimes. While not as richly flovored and full as the Los Rocas, the Grenache Noir is a tasty sipping wine.