Thursday, November 16, 2006

Temperatures are dropping, excitement levels are rising

Yes folks, it's true, Patty and I are now the proud parents of a small freezer, which will soon be stocked with frozen veggies, ice cream, frozen pizza and maybe some meat that we won't be using immediately. The decision to purchase the freezer was made after a brief period of mourning for our deceased dishwasher. While the dishwash is dearly missed, we're proud to announce the arrival of this new appliance into our small and humble home.

Vive les appareils!


Katie said...

Dude! How did your hair grow so fast? Is that an old photo? Confused is me. And if you have some magic hair growing potion please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Your mother wants a copy of that photo.

Congrats on the freezer.

Ragnhild said...

Goncrats! Have you made a decided if you`re going to buy a new dishwasher yet?!?

Joyce said...

my freezer is stuffed full of bags of 2 things:
1. frozen soy beans (oh so yummy)
2. bags of what the japanese like to call American Vegetables. at least thats whats on the label. peas are one of these.

i hope you eat more vegetables as a result of your new purchase. i am considering buying a higher tech rice cooker, mostly just to be cool.

skhl! said...

"american vegetable!" haha that is so funny. there is this vegetable I believe to be bok-choy but my grandma and mother always refer to it as "chinese vegetable"