Friday, November 10, 2006

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? . . . Uhhhh, maybe

Remember how I used to speak German well? Yup, it's over. I'm past my German-speaking prime.

Due to all this English teaching and intensive Skyping with the Canadian people, I am officially out of practice when it comes to the German thing. I went out with some new friends tonight and, through lack of coherent speech, managed to portray myself as either shy or boring, neither of which are adjectives that I would generally choose to describe myself. I'm sure that every foreigner and expat has this feeling now and again, but I've generally prided myself at my relative aptitude at switching between my two tongues and it's got me a bit blue.


j. said...

that's nonsense, miss!

mademoiselle claire's german is one of the most impressive in town.
(nur das mit dem schwäbischen üben wir noch ein bissle, gell!?)

Anonymous said...

Du kannst sehr gut deutsch!
Du bist meine beste lehrerin.

Anonymous said...

That's it - from now on we Skpye exclusively in German. But I can't guarantee that it won't be boring. In fact, I can guarantee that it will be, seeing as so far I only know how to tell you my age, my birthday, and my course of studies.

Anonymous said...


Sind Sie wie alt?

Als waren Sie geboren?

Was studieren Sie?


Maria said...

Ahh ... okay, breathe deeply ...

Ich bin Zweiundzwanzig Jahre alt, mein Geburstag ist am Neunten Dezember und Ich Studiere Politikwissenscaft an der Universitat von Sussex.

Pffewf. Ok that wasn't so bad ... now tear it apart, somebody!


Claire in Tuba-Town said...

Good work, my little German speakers! I'm so proud of you both! Mom, remember to start questions with question words, like one would do in English.

Anonymous said...

Gut gemacht!