Monday, April 23, 2007

Oh sweet Jesus, thank you for jogurt cheese

Yogurt Cheese.

Say it again.

Yogurt Cheese.

Yup, I said yogurt cheese. And I will follow that with a big MMMMMMMMMMMMM! A big shout out goes to the Moosewood Cookbook for introducing me to yogurt cheese, my new favorite food. Think good plain yogurt, tasty and sour, but the consistency of cream cheese. Who needed all that water anyways?

Yogurt cheese was easy as can be to make, as well. All I had to do (and all you would have to do if you decided to make yogurt cheese) is to put a few coffee filters in a strainer, put a bowl under it, put yogurt in the coffee filters (gelatin free please!), cover the whole shabang in plastic wrap and let it go to town! After a few hours it is advisable to drain the water from the bowl so that it doesn't get super full and touch the yogurt cheese.

I'm not exactly sure what the many uses are for yogurt cheese are yet, but I enjoyed it with a spoon quite a bit. I am a cheese-loving Wisconsinite though . . . Brown rice came to mind . . . what else? Curried veggies . . .

I'm open to all suggestions, just try some yogurt cheese. By the way, I used full-fat yogurt, but you could also use low-fat yogurt if you're a big sissy or something.

PS Maybe this is kind of like quark, the stuff that German people eat loads of . . .

Ah yes, the next entry will cover the incredibly current topic of Easter. Start checking in regularly again, I'll be posting!


KT said...

I have to say it looks really yummy. But I wonder about my skills of making yoghurt cheese. I shall give it a shot. And darn straight, full fat. It's like people who eat reduced calorie mayonaise... like hello? You're eating mayonaise. Just deal with it.

skhl said...

in new york there is a place called "yolato" and they specialize in healthy yogurt gelato. it wasn't quite gelato but it was delicious.

Anonymous said...

In India, they hang their yogurt in a cheesecloth sack to make cheese. They add gur (unrefined palm sugar) to make a sweet dish called Shreekand. This creamy custard is scooped up with warm puris (fried, puffed wheat bread). Yummy!

Maria said...

What is a "scallion", by the bye?

Anonymous said...

Scallion = green onion