Wednesday, February 28, 2007

You love cheerleaders!

You love cheerleaders!

This was my mantra as I tried to convince three young men to get out of bed on a Saturday morning to watch my friend Caitlin and her fellow cheerleaders at a promotional event. You wouldn't think that young men, or men of any age for that matter, would need a lot of prodding to go see some cheerleaders, but these men were no easy sell.

First of all, they're German. I believe they saw the cheerleaders as a strange and misplaced form of American culture, which they are. I however, tried to use this as its quirky selling point. Furthermore, these are smart masters student boys who like history and culture, so cheerleaders might not have done it for them quite as much as say, the Pergamon Museum for example.

Benny, Johannes, and Christian waiting for the show to begin.

In the end, however, I won. I'm not sure if they accompanied me because of the boobs and the midriff tops or if they were somehow unable to resist my feminine charms or if, perhaps most likely, they just went out of pity for me.

So what was this cheerleading extravaganza?

E-Sports Tournament


Yeah, that was my reaction too. E-Sports are electronic sports, as in video games. And this was a tournament of the best video game soccer players in Berlin, the region, the world? I dunno. Can't really tell you. Caitlin and her troop were, however, really cheerleading, not e-cheerleading. They were there "for the men in the crowd", although I think the average age was like 11, so I guess they meant for the guys with me and the dads. Unfortunately, we had to wait for ages for the cheerleaders to go on and the whole thing to begin because Giovanni, the B-rate celebrity that was hosting this thing, was taking his sweet time getting there.

Giovanni being a bad ass on the red carpet with his cheerleader escorts.

For this picture I asked Benny to make a pissed off face. The thing I like best about this shot is the fact that we interpreted pissed off so differently but both look really pissed off. We were sick of waiting.

I think this is my favorite picture because you can just feel Christian's excitement about the cheerleaders.

In the end we went into the movie theater, listened to a bunch of crappola about eSports, saw one dance from the cheerleaders and then got the hell out of there. I managed to waste a good part of everyone's day, for which I very much hope they will someday forgive me.

Oh yeah, I got some free popcorn too. That was kind of cool.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Claire, for embarassing us! By the way, my name is Benny not Benni or Beni... I hope you have the chance to watch the game tonight (Stuttgart-Berlin)! Real soccer!

Zosia said...

Wow your German man-friends are babes. Yay for Germans! And cheerleaders, of course. This reminds me of our jaunt to Stuttgart to see the WC game between Portugal and England. There were definitely some awful cheerleaders there. And some amazing old-school Austrian rockers too!