Monday, February 12, 2007

Christmas Food Come to Life

After a long stretch of avid blog writing, I seem to have entered a short phase of writer's block. Well, not really writer's block. That might imply that I had some ideas but just couldn't get them on the page. No no, this is the far simpler problem of just not having any ideas at the moment.

However, this isn't your fault and you're obviously upset about it. I get comments and e-mails either encouraging me to write more or commanding me to do so. And I hate very much to disappoint my readers because it is very kind of them to read in the first place. To remedy this problem I decided to look at Maria's blog for ideas. Mainly I was looking for pictures of our weeks together that would make me laugh and think of a story to tell you. It took about 36 seconds for me to find such pictures.

The theme of today's entry, as you can see above, is 'Christmas Food Come to Life' and documents the animation/reanimation of two items of food, a cookie and a tomato. The cookie was meant to have personality--that's how we made him--but the strength of his personality and his liveliness could never have been predicted. My friends, I give you the Italian moon man.

Needless to say, we ate him last.

Our second case of food come to life is this tomato from our deeeeee-licious Christmas pizza. Now the amazing part about the tomato is that neither Maria nor I can really take credit for his creation, he just was. What is somewhat alarming, however, is how a creature that came into being through the creation of a delicious pizza would look so terribly angry. He too was eaten in the end.

So there you have it, Christmas Food Come to Life.


Maria said...

Man, that tomato gets me every time. So malevolent.

al said...

I have a friend who kept a potato chip shaped like a face for years. I think he was really attached to it.

Claire in Tuba-Town said...

Brilliant! If Maria and I could have kept that malevolent little tomato, I think we just might have. Wait . . . maybe he gave us the creeps just a little too much.

Anonymous said...

I would like to order several dozen Italian Moon Men for next Christmas!