Thursday, February 15, 2007

How long should this hurt?

Around Christmas I fell on my bum. The situation was this . . . wait . . . this might get embarrassing fast. The long and short of it was that I fell out of my chair once and then my friend Stefan thought it would be funny to pull the chair out from under me when I was getting back up. Haa haa.

My bum still hurts.

Well, not my bum exactly, but my tailbone. Is this normal?

I looked on the internet and it said that a bruised or fractured tailbone could hurt for ages and, get this, that I should be sitting on a donut cushion while it heals. I don't know about you, but that sounds slightly demeaning to me. But who am I kidding, I'm the one writing about my bum on my public blog.

Anyhoo, if anyone has experience with such things, let me know. You've all got bums, so I'm sure one of you has bruised it before.


Anonymous said...

That's almost 2 months. Better have it looked at.

Claire in Tuba-Town said...

Mama, that was not what I wanted to hear. But thank you for your advice. I'll get in there. . . boo. . .

al said...

It can take months to heal. However, there's also the chance that you maybe broke off a bit of the bone (seriously, this happened to my mom!), in which case a doctor need to take a look. Either way, seeing a doctor will give you peace of mind. You either get to wait it out or do something about it.

Please take pictures of you with your donut cushion!

Katie said...

Two months is too long to have a bum hurting. And that chair trick is pathetic and lame. I get mad thinking about it. Go for an X-ray!

Stefan said...

Hey Claire

Ironically, I had a broken tail bone once haha :-) And yes, it's true. It can take months but mine was fine after 2 weeks or so - because I was always sitting on a pillow...
Sorry for that chair trick.