Monday, May 22, 2006

Me and my banana

This is my new best friend, the banana plant. Banana plant is more that your average plant, she grows a new leaf at least every week and squirts water out of her new rolled up leaf at the top. Well, maybe it's more of a drip than a squirt. At any rate, removing her two babies from next to her stem is one of my upcoming projects. I think it will be an operation, but we here in the house are feeling positive about everyone's chances of success. Posted by Picasa


Maria said...

Does it actually grow bananas? And, of not, what do you mean by "babies"? This is one of the best photos I've ever seen. It's right up there with the one of you with the squirrel, you traitor.

Claire in Tuba-Town said...

Bananas? No cigar.

Unfortunately, the babies I'm talking about are three little mini plants that are growing at the base of this one. I think they can live on their own but I don't really know.

Anonymous said...

Don't move the babies until they have two full sets of leaves.

Dr. Carter