Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Great week to get greater

News flash: this is one great week and it's about to get greater. Please, let me ellaborate.

Why is this a great week? Well, yesterday I gave my first powerpoint presentation and it was quite the success. I dare say it was one of my best presentations in Germany, if not ever. I'll toot my own horn a bit more and say that it was tastefully designed, well structured, and was followed by great questions and some excellent group work. Another contributing factor to the great week is the current lack of slugs in the garden. One plant was attacked, although I'm not sure by what. Other than that, everyone is looking very healthy and happy. I can only assume that all the snails we have are doing their job, which, if you don't know, is to eat the eggs of the slugs. It's a gross job, but someone has to do it. Thank goodness it's not the other way around, snails are oh so cute.

What is going to make this week even better? Meghan is coming! Meghan is one of my dearest friends from Ottawa and is on a several-month Euro-Tour. Tomorrow she will be hopping on a trin from Munich and heading over here for a few days a fun. And lucky for her, she's coming during an event-filled week. On Thursday we'll be having dinner with my classmates at a friends house, I think I'm cooking, and then we'll head off to the Clubhausfest of the Fachschaft Politik, the big party that my student organization (not mine really, the one I'm in) throws each semester. The Clubhausfest (don't be afraid of the long word, it's really three words that I think you all know: club-haus(house)-fest) is a huge party that is held every Thursday and I think it's safe to assume that about 300 people will come. Once that is over, we'll have the pleasure of taking thousands of dollars, mostly in coins, back to the bank (uuhhhh). Then on Friday we're off to a birthday party. The fun never stops!

Well, I'm off to do some corrections (ok, I lied, the fun stops here) so I can get to all that fun stuff.


Maria said...

And it's almost your birthday! Huzah!

Tellurium said...

Congrats on getting great! And congrats on your fabulous what`s hot and what`s not sidebar! How DO you do that???

Should I say happy birthday too?

skhl! said...

you are so great! remember when we slept in the granary with all the vampire bats? do you think a mosquito net would help?

skhl! said...


Anonymous said...

hey hey - happy birthday you! i hope you survived the perilous day of triple 6's - there were big parties here, i chose to think they were in your honour! much love! hope to see you soon.
xo rhiannon