Monday, July 10, 2006

I still don't understand why he took of his pants

It's true, I don't get it. What was Gattuso doing without his pants on at the end of the World Cup? I know, I know, when you win the World Cup you can do whatever you want and maybe you don't even need pants anymore. Yet, it still made me wonder.

Despite the fact that I was rooting for France, I couldn't help but be happy for the Italians as they danced about and jumped on top of each other time and time again.

I'd like to write more, but I've got some serious reading and sitting by the pool to do, so I should be off. Also, can anyone explain to me what the hell Zidane was thinking last night? A headbutt? Who does that?


skhl! said...

dancing with no pants! he just won the world cup! can you blame him? hilarious.

Maria said...

I was also wondering about the pants incident but it did answer the question about what kind of support the soccer plays use under the shorts. Just tighty whities it would seem. That explains why the Portuguese player whose nuts ROoney mashed looked so upset.

As for Zidane, I have been kind of depressed all day because of that headbutt. I had pegged my moral life to that man and his dignified sportsmanship and I am really disappointed. I am quite curious about what made him do it. Maybe he'll have a $10 Million interview to tall all.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it some pretty ugly things were said to Zidane on the field. Do you think headbutting can ever be justified?

Maria said...

Upon reflection, yes. Especially after hearing Materazzi say that he "doesn't even know what an Islamic terrorist is". He did go down in classic Italian style though.