Tuesday, July 25, 2006

count down

Count down to what you might ask

Count down to my test tomorrow.
Count down to my test on Thursday.
Count down to flying home.
Count down to Alisha's bachelorette party.
Count down to Alisha and Jack's wedding!

So much excitement, although the latter kind of excitement is more my thing. I'll be happy when the tests are over because then I can devote my full attention to getting packed up and doing any last minute preparations for the party and the fun!


Rhiannon said...

i am so excited for you getting to go home!!! have a WONDERFUL time - especially at your ultra-awesome bachelorette party! and please, send my best wishes to patty for a great rest of her summer! berlin is AMAZING - its only been two hours, and i'm already in love!!! lots of love, and thanks again for everything! xoxox

Maria said...

Bonne chance avec tous!