Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Germany vs. Ecuador and still no bike

In just a bit I'm going to watch my first Germany game of the World Cup. Yes, it's a bit embarassing that I haven't seen any Germany games yet, but what are you going to do? Hang your head in shame? Not me, I feel even more motivated to be an enthusiastic fan after saving my energy the last few games.

In other new, my bike still hasn't arrived. This morning the online status changed to "at the warehouse, ready for delivery" and then a bit later again to "being delivered", and yet, I have no bike. This company, Hermes, delivers from 10AM to 6PM and can't tell give you any clues as to when they are coming. This is really not working for me. I'm excited, really excited, about getting my bike and it pains me to leave my house for anything while I know this bike is on its way. Maybe if everyone prays for me to get my bike really soon, it'll come. Oh geeze, I just asked my readers to pray. This is dire.


Grandma said...

Claire, I do believe you inherited your gene-of-impatience from your ole grandma. : >(