Thursday, June 29, 2006

and then my job makes me smile

I just got to the end of this giant 45-page document (that's without all the diagrams) I'm correcting and was so pleased to see that in the acknowledgements there was a special thanks to me! I hate reading about geosciences, but I do really like my geoscientists.


Maria said...

That doesn't sound like a bad job at all, but it does sound like me when I have a big project I don't want to finish. "I hate school" or "I hate [insert subject here] often escaped these lips. But then the next day I like it again.

Katie said...

Boof, my dad would be SOOO proud of you. I'm hesitant to mention to it to him because I think he might start sending you geoscience texts and things. I wish that upon no one.

Next time we go on a family holiday you should come alone and we can collect mica schist together. Brilliant.

skhl! said...

so I tried grape juice with ice cubes and wow, that's the stuff. in other news our respective true loves are going to have quite the show-down on the birthday of our common nation! aye! I just want you to know that whatever happens on the field, I will always and forever love you in my heart.