Thursday, March 09, 2006

Words of Admiration for Book Crossing

Years and years ago I read about people leaving books in public places. Leaving books with the purpose of them being found and read by others. Individuals do such things frequently, I believe. The great thing is that you can register your books on Book Crossing and track their travels.
After years of waiting, I finally found such a book. Unfortunately, it stinks. The plot was barely worthy of Days of Our Lives. My enthusiasm is hardly diminished, however. I will be "releasing" my first book "into the wild" within the next few days and I encourage all of you, wherever you are, to do the same.


Maria said...

I can understand why your book sucked - I would probably leave a book I didn't like either as a way of getting rid of it. I love keeping my books! Yet ... I admire the idea so much in principle. I will have an inner struggle and let you know if I ever feel like I could release a truly good book into the wild.

hoohah said...

Weren't you gonna do this with the book "Are you Blue?" when you were 15? Didn't you do it? If only the internet were as well-developed then!