Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I love French clowns!

I have to repeat the title once again: I love French clowns!

Although the show I saw was sold to me as a "clown show", the description is a bit lacking. When they say clown they refer to a cabaret sort of clowning that doesn't involve white face paint and clunky shoes. The act consisted of the cute French Mr.Bean character, the handsome man who wore an orange housecoat most of the time, and the skinny guy with the long thin hair who has the silliest body movements ever. It turned out to be a lot of slapstick, some song, silent theater, dancing and lots of laughs. Joe, the Canadian clown, was just there as a guest and did his own parts at the beginning and end. Zosia and I were clinging to each other throughout a lot of the show so that we wouldn't fall out of our chairs. I didn't even understand all of it and it was hilarious. Obviously I can't possibly describe the amazing comedy that I witnessed on Monday, but I can say that if you are in Paris before May that you should see the show. Afterwards we got to go out with the clowns for Chinese food. Thanks to Joe the Canadian clown for the free tickets!

Well, I'm off to do corrections for my job in good old Germany. What would the geoscientists do without me?