Thursday, September 27, 2007

I am the auditor

I love the absurd. My lovely friends in Victoria also love the absurd, the silly, and the utterly offbeat -- that's why we are friends. So while I visited Victoria in August, it was no surprise that while at a cocktail bar, we found a drink called The Auditor. Now don't tell me you don't think this is completely silly, because it just is. It is almost as enjoyable that there is a drink above it on the menu called The Larry. I myself had to go for The Auditor, because what a better prop for posing for pictures could there ever be?

The menu.

Me--the auditor--considering the numbers.

Oh! Something is amiss! I've found some botched numbers!


Zosia said...

Tee heeee!
I'm glad you were on the case there, Ms. Aanes. Those sneaky numbers could have gotten way out of control if they had had their way!

joe said...

muchas gracias senorita auditor :-)

Sarah Clasen said...

Dear Claire

finally i am going to meet maria for the first time on sunday, i can't wait to see her in reality..

and i am very happy to see you next week in schwerte to bubble about silly and funny things in life

take care
lots of love
sarah who is trying to practice her english ;-)

Maria said...

Sarah is cool.

Also, you are on the ball. Keep those numbers honest. And the racists - don´t let them in the door. I hate their hate.

skhl said...

did you make it back to germany? yah?
I miss you muffin.

Philip said...

Mon amie Claire ;-)
You are good looking as always. When do you want to visit me in Kingston?
xxx Pipp

skhl said...

I think Claire dropped off the face of the internet.