Friday, August 24, 2007

The Badlands -- Not bad after all

Dear Readers,

I'm back.

Actually, I'm not really back in a physical way, as in being at my home in Germany or my home in Milwaukee. I'm in Cranbrook B.C. in a hotel with Miss Lewis, awaiting the wedding of our dear friend Marnie. On the way here we passed through the Badlands, which didn't live up to their name at all. They were beautiful! And to make the whole thing even more exciting, the Badlands National Park threw in some prairie dogs and buffalo! Just feet away from our car! Yahoooooo!


skhl said...

are you coming to wi at all?! please please!

Stimey said...

We went to one of those zoo-like animal enclosures once where you can drive through and feed animals through your window. A buffalo put his entire head through my side of the car window and wouldn't take it out. I thought that was it for me--the end of Stimey. Now that's all I can think about whenever I see a buffalo or a bison or whatever they are.

al said...

I can't keep up with you and your gallavanting. I try, but, its just impossible.

julia said...

Let us all know if/when/what your WI intinerary looks like, also an email address since I don't yet know how to upload a photo of the granary being is SO cool!@!! huggles, Julia