Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Solar panel installed on my leg

Yesterday I had this solar panel installed on my leg. It collects energy from the sun and powers a heater that provides my entire body with heat all day long.

It has also transformed my ankle from a collection of muscles, tendons, and bones that can move at will into solid mass. Since last night, I've thought of my foot at "club foot". While cleaning my room yesterday, I realized that I was using my club foot to slide things around on the floor. So, along with heating my body, it's also a useful tool. How cool is that?


Zosia said...

Oh my dear! Are you ok? How did this "club foot" device come about? I mean, aside from it appearing on your lower leg in the wee hours of the morning while you were asleep.

Burkhard Cless said...

Hey, can i join your club?

my ankle is out of order too. I just slided down a icy slope (jepp in the snow!) on saturday. Trying to arrest myself with a ice-axe i stopped finally but twisted my foot somehow stupid while turning around. So i'm just hobbling around since then.

Maria said...

Wha happen?

KT said...

Club foot is never good. And you gotta watch out for gangrene. Ogling Uganda is back up and running now that I'm back from the continent. Sigh... I love Edward Scissorhands.