Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A note of clarification: calming words for the masses

Today my friend Alli left a concerned comment after the hot water bottle post. It reads as follows:

"I feel like I need more details.

Do you boil water? That kind of hot?

How long does it stay warm? I mean, is it lovely as you're going to sleep and then, you wake up in the wee hours, and your bottle is cold, and it makes waking up just that little bit worse because you remember when it was warm?

I'm worried."

No need to be worried, Ms. Larsh! Yes, I usually boil the water and then pour it from my kettle into a small pitcher that has an excellent spout, which is much better for pouring into the small neck of the hot water bottle. Then one inserts the bottle back into the stuffed casing and gets into bed, as outlined repeatedly in the last post.

The great thing is that is stays warm for hours. If it stays under the covers with you, it may still be warm when you wake up. If not, it's usually not cold enough to actually make you cold. By then you are usually in your warm sleeping mode anyway and it's ok. At that point, the bottle continues to be nice to cuddle with because of it's mass. I'm not sure why this is so, but it is.

Alli, if you need me to send you a stuffed water bottle friend, just let me know. I'm here for you.


al said...

Phew. I feel much better now. Seriously.

And I kind of want one, but, I'll take a look around here. So much less in postage!

Katie said...

I love it! I have been a huge fan of the water bottles in the past. Now I have to saw I have jumped on the lame-oh Magic bag bandwagon. Though they stopped selling them because some nitwit put them in the microwave for like an hour and hence, it blew up all over the place. Gee. Still like mine though and it makes the bed toasty warm. Though mine is not cased in anything as cool as a duck or a lamb.

skhl said...

Kaitlin has this bag that is filled with corn and she calls it her "bed buddy." She puts it in the microwave and it smells like popcorn but it hasn't popped yet. Water seems like a better idea. And cuter! Maybe for next winter... a monkey??

Zosia said...

Ah, the delights of the water bottle! My mother has long been a strong proponent of this form of bed-warming, and I must say that although I used to resist (for some mysterious reason), I now fully appreciate the benefits. Our water bottle is not nearly so cute and cuddly, as it's made of rust-coloured rubber and was probably manufactured somewhere around 1981. However, it still does the trick. I also side with Katie on the magic bag question.