Sunday, December 24, 2006

My identity was stolen . . .

by my father.

Yesterday night I got an e-mail from MySpace. It was a very normal e-mail, the kind a MySpace users get frequently, one informing me that I had received a message from another MySpace user. Except that this time I was informed that I had received a MySpace message from CactusClaire--that's me. How had I received a message from myself? Upon logging into MySpace, I saw that I had received the following message from myself:

Hi Claire,

Chuck and I are spying on you. Are you there?


Doug is my dad; Chuck is a good friend of his, someone I see as a family member really. The two of them are up at our cottage for the weekend, spending some quality guy time together before Christmas.

After reading this and laughing hysterically, I received 5, count 'em 5 further messages from the two of them. Here are the highlights, I think they speak for themselves:

subject:i am not who i am ... yet

but i have always wanted to be your Myspace friend
even before there was Myspace

i have reinvaded your father's life because it is necessary
to our mutual salvation or destruction

we were a gay couple in our last incarnation
now we are drunk

subject: RE: RE: i am not who i am ... yet

We here drinking, yakking, and roasting a bird. Bird is toasty. Wish you were here.

Love, Doug

Once again he insists on feeding me, as though I am not fat enough. This time it is a chicken.


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