Monday, September 25, 2006

"I'm smelling my notebook" "I'm smelling this empty cup of coffee"

Sarah and Claire here, bringing you the latest news from the attic. We are learning grammar and it smells like poop--not the grammar, but the attic. As the title says, Sarah is sniffing her notebook and I am smelling and empty cup of coffee. It's not a good situation. Does anyone want to talk to us about the differences between past perfect and past perfect progressive and present progressive and present perfect progressive and present perfect and simple past and . . . uhhh . . . did we forget any? Our heads are spinning and neither of us can remember ever wanting to express things so specifically in time as these tenses allow, but maybe we will when we are back in smart land, I mean the university. Maybe sniffing notebook and coffee will help us.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So many Sara(h)s that rock my world

Yes, it's true, there are so many Sara(h)s that rock my world.

Sara Selena, my long lost childhood friend, who I reconnected with this past weekend and who I am very please to add to my list of phenomenal women friends.

Dr. Sarah, showing the UW Madison Med School how it's done and how to have great hair while doing it.

German Sarah, who is currently learning to speak like an American right here in Milwaukee and who has been cracking me up with references to suicide plants and all sorts of psychology jargon.

How many of you know three breathtakingly beautiful, highly intellectual and funny women with the same name? Yup, I knew it, none. Yet another reason why my life is great.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Recap of the summer

Here it is, my friends, a photographic summary of the summer. It was nice to go through these photos again to remember what an eventful and wonderful summer it was. Photos of Jack and Alisha's wedding and move are still to come.

The BEST picture of the summer

There is no doubt in my mind, that this picture sums up everything that was wonderful about this summer: wonderful guests, The World Cup, the German-colored duster and the tickling of strangers that occured with it. This may also go down in the books as one of Zosia's most brilliant ideas ever. Posted by Picasa

The parents at the best dinner of the summer

Alisha, Jack, my parents and I went out for an amazing meal at Sanford's before Jack and Alisha moved away. The food was fantastic and the company was even better. We were by far the loudest people in the restaraunt and it was clear to all of us that no one could possibly be enjoying themselves as much as we were. Posted by Picasa

The newlyweds at dinner

 Posted by Picasa

Alisha's reaction to yet another horrible song that shouldn't be played at her wedding

 Posted by Picasa

Jack presiding over the difficult wedding music decisions

 Posted by Picasa

The Shriner Brothers in all of their stoplight colored goodness

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A sculpture at the Amsterdam airport that accurately conveys the feeling of internatinal travel

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Kristen and Patty examining the goods from the garden--YUM!

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DELICIOUS beans from my garden

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Yet another idyllic shot of the countryside

Thanks Rhiannon! Posted by Picasa

My favorite mannequin in Tübingen

This mannequin is put out by the clock maker every so often in different off-beat costumes to tell some story about clock making in the city. Posted by Picasa

Tübingen's lovely City Hall with some scaffolding on the side

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close up of City Hall

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Tübingen in the summer

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Throngs of Germans loving the World Cup

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Kristen, Claire and Alex celebrate Germany's (last?) victory

I think this was after the last game that Germany won in the World Cup. As we did after most games, we walked with everyone else in the city to the downtown area and danced and cheered and celebrated for a long time. You know you can legally drink on the street in Germany. Posted by Picasa

Game Celebration Continues at the Marktplatz

from the top: Zosia, Stelios, Kristen and me Posted by Picasa

The beauteous landscape of the place in which I live

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My butt at the Würmlinger Kapelle

Zosia and I biked over to and then walkte up to the Würmlinger Kapelle (it's a church) for an exquisite view of the landscape and a quick look into the incredibly creepy crypt and strange prayer area. Posted by Picasa

I'm back and just kind of here

Hello my friends.

Due to a lot of complaints, I'm back on my blog. Although really, there isn't much to write about. Well, considering the date of my last post, maybe there is a lot to write about. Since then, Jack and Alisha had a most fantastic wedding and moved (not so fantastically) to Seattle, WA. The days leading up to their departure were both stressful because of the amount of stuff to be done and because I was saying goodbye to two of my dearest friends. I know, I know, they aren't gone from my life, but it is the end of an era for us all--collectively being trapped in the city of Milwaukee and making the best of it all. So really it's a wonderful thing that they've moved on. It also brought about the strange realization that I now have little to seek out in Milwaukee. Yes, my parents are still here, but my parents may also be spending part of their year in Costa Rica in the near future, so why deny them the pleasure of my company in an equatorial paradise? What else is in Milwaukee? My roots? My history? Some memories? Nothing that I need to visit all that often, really.

That's all for tonight. I'll try to be more present online in the near future, which shouldn't be all that challenging, considering how seldom I have logged on in the recent past.